What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Project 365

Welcome to my Project 365 page! In keeping with other friends who have tried this, I wanted to document an entire year of life with a photo for each day. Enjoy!

Photos 1-8 are out of order. Sorry bout that!

 Day 324: Director's gift. 
 Day 323:Crunch Week Crew at our house!
 Day 322: Hulk's attempted escape from our 'fridge.
 Day 321: Toad Hall
 Day 320: This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep!
 Day 319: We Match!
 Day 318: Gabe and Grace
 Day 317: Cozy Fire
 Day 316: River Rat
 Day 315: Talented Actresses
 Day 314: First Snow
 Day 313:Growing up!
 Day 312: Directing
 Day 311: First Lollipop
 Day 310: Birthday Boy!
 Day 309: "To make a stump..."
 Day 308: Rehearsal
 Day 307: Beautiful Sisters
 Day 306: Pip's Style
 Day 305: Little Ronnie
Day 304: Uncle Ethan
 Day 303: Fall Reflections
 Day 302: Farewell North Carolina
 Day 301: Dapper Judah
Day 300: Conference Volley Ball 
 Day 299: Mockingbird
Day 298: Travelling
 Day 297: Packing
 Day 296: Pocket Full of Leaves
 Day 295:Gabe and the "ba"
 Day 294: Catching leaves
 Day 293: Tailgate Party!
 Day 292: Robotics
 Day 291: A Reading Buddy!
 Day 290: Barabara's Bouquet 
 Day 289: Manchester Sunset
 Day 288: Vibrant fall colors!
 Day 287: Marshall's Kill!
 Day 286: Fall Ombre
 Day 285: Extended Birthday Bowls!
 Day 284: Project Day
Day 283: My birthday present from Ethan
 Day 282: The Beauty of Autumn
 Day 281: Goal-Setting Fuel! :D
 Day 280:Helping Mommy
Day 279: Uncle Ethan enjoying his nephew
Day 278: Setting Sun
Day 277: Changing Seasons
Day 276: Freshly Tuned
Day 275:Half of my reading pile
Day 274: Shively land
Day 273: Violin or Fiddle?
Day 272: Silas' book light
Day 271: Ombre Sunset
Day 270: Loyalty
Day 269: Digging up old treasures
Day 268: SMASH Prep
Day 267: Pic Time with Pip
Day 266: Gourd-geous display! ; )
Day 265: Apple Pickin' with Pip
Day 264: Little Friends With Blue Eyes
Day 263: Fall Has Arrived!
Day 262: Intruders!
Day 261: A Baptism like one in Galilee
Day 260: Brother and sister
 Day 259: Prepping Glad corms for storage
 Day 258: When boys have rope...
 Day 257: Hiding to read!
 Day 256: Walking Stick from Bug Maine-ia
 Day 255:My favorite set of keys.
 Day 254: Pip Fishing on Sky
 Day 253: Fishing with renewed friends
 Day 252: Nabby enjoying Mommy's birthday corn
 Day 251: Friar Power on Streaked Mountain
 Day 250: Fishing at Sunset
 Day 249: Pip Kayaking on Sky
 Day 248: "Everyone has their own puts and crannies"
 Day 247: First Camp Sunset
 Day 246: Sunflower Field in Leeds, ME
 Day 245: Shaker Pond Ice Cream
Day 244: Fried Green Tomatoes
 Day 243:Andrew's Not-Quite-Buried Toes
 Day 242: "I didn't know 'Thias had his licence!"
 Day 241: Dreaming of the Day He Can Play with the big boys
 Day 240: Ethan's Ice Cream Genius
 Day 239: Rewards of Baking Brownies with Daddy
 Day 238: Evening in Portsmouth
 Day 237: Lost and Found
 Day 236: Our Resident Monkey
 Day 235: You Can't Get Me, Bada!
 Day 234: Cloudy Sunset
 Day 233: Rainbow Ring Around the Sun
 Day 232: A New Favorite With Pip
 Day 231: Tilly's usual Greeting
 Day 230: Blackberry Aftermath!
Day 229:Snips and Snails with a bit o' Sugar and spice!
 Day 228:Cousins 
 Day 227: Blueberry Day
Day 226: Beautiful Blue
Day 225: Rainbow amidst the ordinary
(Below- sorry about placement)Day 224: Wet travels

Day 223:Marie's Bounty
Day 222: Muscle Man
Day 221: Scootin'
 Day 220: Birthday boy turns TWO!
 Day 219: Papa and his boys
 Day 218: Double A!!
 Day 217: Ethan's Yard Sale Success! 
 Day 216: Weaving at the Fair
 Day 215: Spider's Web
 Day 214: The Eye and the Lens
Day 213: Mid-Air Pose
 Day 212: Let the canning commence!
 Day 211:Orange you glad? (get it??)
 Day 210:Yet another pro disc golfer
 Day 209: Goose Dance
 Day 208:Bug Board? Naw, we'll let 'im live!
 Day 207: Candy Necklace
 Day 206:Some Light Sewing to Do!
 Day 205:Drying Calendula
 Day 204:Hydrangea
 Day 203:Dragon Fly Lady
 Day 202:Dip
 Day 201:Mommy Moment
 Day 200: Eli's Creation
 Day 199:The Elephant
Day 198:Little Red Wagon
 Day 197: Building a Dam
 Day 196: The Sky's the Limit
 Day 195: Birthday Girl
 Day 194: A Little Heart
 Day 193: So Cute!
 Day 192: Extreme Fashion
 Day 191: Ice-cream beard
 Day 190: Marshall's Dream Vehicle
 Day 189:Future Disc Golf Pro
 Day 188: Mr. Toad
 Day 187: Sittin' all proper-like
 Day 186: Home-made Ice Cream
Day 185: Colors
 Day 184: Baby Einstein : )
 Day 183: Nabby's first Sea Dogs Game
 Day 182: Getting Ready to mow the lawn
 Day 181: A hint of purple
 Day 180: Mushroom land
 Day 179: After the Rain
 Day 178: Flowers
 Day 177: Crackle
 Day 176: Yum
 Day 175: Studyin'
 Day 174: Storm a-brewing
 Day 173: Just a little bite

Day 172: Nothin' Runs Like a....
 Day 171:I heart Titus
 Day 170: Seaside view
 Day 169: Midnight Snack
 Day 168: Disc Golf Adventure
 Day 167: In Memorium 
 Day 166: Baby Girl
 Day 165: Butterfly Flower
Day 164: Nanny and some happy boys!
 Day 163: Tilly Mae Arrives
 Day 162: Musical Angels
 Day 161: Summer Wind
 Day 160: Fisher of men in training!
 Day 159: Campfire
 Day 158: Auntie Em
 Day 157: The Floods Recede
 Day 156: Karate Kid
 Day 155: Flood
 Day 154: Newness of life
 Day 153: Spring Recital
 Day 152: Hummingbird
 Day 151: Gifts for Students
 Day 150: Evidence of Memorial Day BBQ
 Day 149: Wheat Fields
 Day 148: Brothers
 Day 147: Look to the ant
 Day 146: One Thousand Gifts
 Day 145: The Feet of them who bring good news
 Day 144: A Smile From Pip
 Day 143:Paint Project
 Day 142: Blushing Lilacs
 Day 141: A Woman's Work is Never Done!
 Day 140: Emelia
 Day 139: Bleeding Hearts
Day 138:Blooms and boards
 Day 137:Cloud Wisps
 Day 136:April Showers
 Day 135:Music and flowers-great combo
 Day 134:Birthday Bubbles
 Day 133:King of the wood pile!
Day 132:Fiddle Fingers
 Day 131: Ethan's Breakfast
 Day 130: Correspondence, the old fashioned way : )
 Day 129:Photo Shoot
 Day 128: Fishing
 Day 127: Jersey
 Day 126:Stonkin' Feet
 Day 125: Sittin' down on the job!
Day 124: Stack o' lemons
 Day 123:A kid of my own!
 Day 122: Ethan's Shiner
 Day 121: Spring in hiding.
 Day 120: Cute Kid. : )
 Day 119: We train 'em young!
 Day 118: And I'm not kidding!!
Day 117: Laundry Day
 Day 116:Sweet Dreams
 Day 115:Sleepy head
 Day 114:Green all over!
 Day 113:Fly Ball
 Day 112: Ethan's New Treasure
 Day 111:Prayer
 Day 110:Springing Up
Day 109: A bright gift
 Day 108: Blooms in the house
 Day 107: The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
 Day 106: Anna Banana
 Day 105:Waiting for the baby
 Day 104: Stripe on Stripe
 Day 103: Early Spring
Day 102:When life gives you lemons..
 Day 101: Green during gray
 Day 100: Cheese and passion
 Day 99: Loving little boys
 Day 98: Auntie Shay
 Day 97: Barefoot Boy
 Day 96:Can you see me?

Day 95:Be doers, not hearers only
 Day 94: Red Sox vs. Yankees (according to Eman)
 Day 93:One foot in front of the other
 Day 92: Office Work
 Day 91: Matthias
 Day 90: Reading himself to sleep
 Day 89: Wedding Project
Day 88:Winter-topped Spring
 Day 87:Gabe the Babe
 Day 86:Electric Blue Eyes
 Day 85:Preparing for the future
Day 84:Pussy Willows
 Day 83:Dinner, Governor's style (dessert first!)
 Day 82:'Siah the Dreamer
Day 81:Pin curls gone awry!
 Day 80:Spring is here
 Day 79: A Small Army
 Day 78:St.Patrick's Day
 Day 77: Soup a la Titus
 Day 76:Snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails
 Day 75:Brushing up
 Day 74:Falls with Jack
 Day 73:Duuude!
 Day 72:Sweetie
 Day 71: Mr. Potato Head's wardrobe
 Day 70:Perfect circle
 Day 69:Best paper airplanes
 Day 68:Peek-a-boo
 Day 67: The Dr.'s prescription!
 Day 66: Listening
 Day 65:Shakespeare's Agents
 Day 64: Icicles
 Day 63: Enchanting Ceiling
 Day 62:Taking Direction
 Day 61: Found his thumb!
 Day 60: Embers separated from the flames don't burn long
 Day 59:Winter Wonder
 Day 58:An Act of Murder
 Day 57: Bandits
Day 56:Lovely musician
Day 55: Candlelight Dinner
Day 54:When Johnny comes marching home
Day 53: Little Shoes
Day 52: Rubber Band Wars
Day 51: Fresh Color for Winter
Day 50: A peck on the cheek.
Day 49: Blooming Tea
Day 48: Hidden deliciousness 
Day 47:Tiny Fingers
Day 46: Lace Face
Day 45: They come as a pair
Day 44: Peanut Butter and Honey
Day 43: Tea for Three
Day 42: Every last drop.
Day 41: Future Star
Day 40: 1,000 gifts
Day 39: Cozy
Day 38: Artistic Liscence 
Day 37: Bottom's up!
 Day 36:Here's lookin' at you kid! 
 Day 35: Balance
 Day 34: Frosted Cat-tails
 Day 33: His own doctor
 Day 32: Play-dough man
 Day 31: A glass dimly 
 Day 30: Ready to Fry!
 Day 29: Beethoven

Day 28: Crystal 
 Day 27: Snow Bunny!
 Day 26: Windsday
 Day 25: Ruelle's Lineup
 Day 24: Preparing for the future
 Day 23: Takes the cake!
 Day 22: Integration
 Day 21: Each one a different design
 Day 20: Finding Treasures
 Day 19: Little Jewish Boy?
 Day 18: Charlie
 Day 17: Brown Bear, Brown Bear...

Day 16: It Takes the Cake!
Day 15: Happy Boy
 Day 14: Math Lesson
 Day 13: Tiny Icicles 
 Day 12: Thumbs up!
 Day 11: Do you Hear What I Hear?

 Day 10: Little Feet

Day 9: White Evergreen

Day 1: C is for Chick

Day 2: Stale Mate

Day 3: Wives and Daughters

Day 4: Motivating Reading

Day 5: Guitar is my weapon

Day 6: Bright and Blue

Day 7: A Green Pallet 

Day 8: All his pants look like this in the knees