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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oooing and Oh-ing at the BIG O

This fall we attended the "Big O" (ie the Oxford Fair) with our friends the Fletchers. I love fairs. Not the rides, mind you, but the exhibits and the mingling and the food!
We had some friends in a 4-H club, so we decided to check out their displays and visit them.
Kayla's favorite hang-out spot!!
Check out that Tractah!
We went on Education day (in other words, we got in free and were able to do alot of really cool things!), so Amanda here is doing some stamping demonstrations in the 4-H building.
Hayden and Ethan investigating a display.

Something's funny about this bunny....

Looks like this bunny had way too much fun with the mascara!!

awwww... cute little bunny!

The boys looooved hanging out in this army vehicle.
Don't ask me the technical name for it, 'cause I haven't a clue!

Look! A Match!

Panning for precious minerals. This was fun!

The kids got to see their corn ground up into feed for the chickens- who were in a pen!

Hayden's corn cob.

This building was my favorite- it was set up like a farmhouse and a general store. Social History, don't you know!

I think he's trying to make a brake for it!!

I walked by these guys and did a double take. I thought, there must be a special reason for these odd sheep suits. And then I got excited about the interesting information that I might get from asking. So I asked. It was rather disappointing. It was simply because they were recently washed and their owners didn't want their wooly whites to get dirty. Bummer.

Haley got a chance to drive some steer. She did a superb job!

Aren't they darling?

And what fair is not complete with French Fries??

Don't you just love this chicken's style??

This is what Ethan thought about that chicken!

Where are all these bunnies coming from?

A little Chick looking at little chicks.

We have friends who actually named their five chicks after us! I was exceedingly flattered!

"Baa baa black sheep"

The boys were so funny- they would pat the sheep, but they did NOT want to feed them!

There was a lady at the fair (the goat lady) who had goats that would follow her around and put their front hooves in her lap! They were sweet.

Yet another bunny.

Little piggies!!

How cute is he?!?
Is your mama a llama?
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little photo journal of the Big O. Quite intellectually stimulating, let me tell you!! : )


Anonymous said...

Haha, those sheep look really funny! Great post!!


Natasha said...

Thank's for posting LOT'S of picture's Manda!

Emmy-Lou said...

Your sister has laid four eggs! And perhaps u wer the 1 who laid 1 today!