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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Treat from Jess

A very unique mural we discovered on our way to the museum! Art is so diverting!
When "treated" most people don't think of going to a museum. I do! History is something I love to read about, hear about and think about. So when my friend Jess took me on an outing to the Maine State Historical Society's museum, I lit up like a Christmas tree!
At the museum....
I found this in the restroom! I love Maine!
Jess in front of a display of a letter- I think it was from Henry Wadsworth Longfellows' sister, who gave the Historical Society funds to set up her brother's old house with a library and to create this museum.

The penmanship in these documents are so elegant- take a look at the spelling in the emboldened phrase below.

This was an exciting one to discover- a blueprint of sorts or at least the layout of the grounds of Monticello- Thomas Jefferson's homestead.

This map of the East Coast of the U.S.A. is one of only three copies left in the world!
The museum held a copy of the first Declaration of Independence that was printed and distributed to the colonists before the final draft was signed. There are only 25 copies left in the states. How cool is that!?!?
So my question for you is: Do YOU like history?? 
We're all a part of it. As the famous saying goes, "The nation that doesn't know it's history is doomed to repeat it!"


Emilu said...

That looks like so much fun! I bet it was a blast!

Jenna said...

looks like you had a good time. i know how much you enjoy history! it was the perfect treat for you!!!!

The Sergeant said...

Yes that is very true, We need to study history because as Robert E. Lee said "It is history that teaches us to hope".

The history of America is so interesting, Maine in particular. Where is that museum?

WE need to remember that the Lord gave us his-story for a reason:

1: To find out about what HE has done for us, so we can glorify him better.

2: To learn from the character of those who have gone before, so we do not make the same mistakes as they did.

3: So that we can fulfill the chief end of man 'to glorify God, and enjoy him forever'.

In the currant generation, when you hear a person say 'I hate history' you should feel bad that they can not enjoy the benefits of knowing and learning from the past generations the ways to honor God better.

I pray that Americans start to know and love history more.

See you all tomorrow.

--... ...--


Sarah said...

Yes Amanda I love history! And nice pictures! Glad you girls had fun!

Hannah said...

Going to historical places is so much fun! I especially love going to forts and old houses of people in history or set up in the way that it was. That picture of the mural on the building is so cool too! It looks like you girls had a lot of fun!