What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ethan's Determination

"Amanda, you're my girl. I'm going to marry you."
"No, you can't. I'm going to marry someone else and you're going to marry someone else."
"No, I'm not going to get married and if any man comes around to try to marry you, I'm going to stop him."
"Yes, I'll just say, 'stay away from my sister!!'"
"Why didn't you do that with Kayla?"
"I would have, but I was sleeping when he did the finger!" (i.e. when he put the ring on her finger to ask her to marry him!)


Jenna said...


Shay Denny said...

When did he say that?

Jolie said...

Haha! :D

Amanda said...

: ) He said it a couple of weeks ago! He comes out with the strangest things sometimes! But then again, he is the son of Randy Chick! ; )

Hannah said...

Lol! You must feel special. :)