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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Fall Trip: Colonial Williamsburg

Thomas Jefferson (As he was talking, a helicopter flew overhead and he mentioned something about how the Americas were filled with new scientific discoveries, like these enormous dragonflies!!)
One of the highlights of our fall trip was going to Colonial Williamsburg. A village in Virginia that has been conserved and originated pre-Revolutionary war.
The jaol appears to be empty..... but for one prisoner...

Upon visiting the cabinetmaker, we found a harpsichord and were allowed to play it! It was such a neat experience, as it was the instrument used by composers like Bach, Correlli and Handel. Apparently cabinetmakers were also responsible for repairing harpsichords and also for wallpapering!
The cabinetmaker even gave me a Bach invention to try out!
How many eagles can you count in this chair? (hint, if you look beyond the chair you'll find a couple as well! )
The workshop

Look whose been locked in the stocks!!
The kitchen where Ethan discovered that little boys his age were also taught to cook, in the event that they may have to feed themselves from time to time. His epiphany: "Hey! If I learn how to cook, than I won't ever have to get married!" (the marriage conference changed his mind, thankfully!)

The Governor's Palace
These as well as rows and rows of guns lined the walls of the mansion, in the halls and even up the stairways!!
Our tour guide.
The ball room
View of the Palace from the Palace Green!
The tavern in which we ate lunch! So fun!
We were seated in the basement, which gave it a tavern, aesthetic feeling all the more!

Mmmmm.... Mom and I had Bangers and Mash (also known as Mashed potatoes and sausage)
We were able to witness a re-enactment in the middle of the street.
Patrick Henry
This poor fellow was nearly tarred and feathered! (Which is actually a whole lot more barbaric than it seems!)

I spy with my little eye....

We only were able to see about 1/3 of the village. We would love to go back again, spend a week and take a crowd with us! Who wants to join??


Jenna said...

I wanna join!!!

Kayla Denny said...

Me, ME Me

Hannah said...

I would absolutely LOVE to go!!!!!!! That is soooo cool.

Amanda Barton said...

there are 8 eagles in the chair,and heavens to Betsy I wouldn't miss it!

Emily said...

Memememememememememmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loved the post so much! I saw the picture of the gov. mansion and gasped and then John saw the picture of the swords and gasped, it was quite funny.

Amanda said...

Looks like we'll have a great group of people next time! : )
Amanda- you've almost got it, but there are actually 12 or 14 (I can't remember) eagles in the chair. I couldn't find them all either and you found more than I did! : )
Emmy- that is too funny! You guys would love the mansion!