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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pilgrim's Rest 2012 Part 1

Our lovely Pilgrim's Rest family camp started out this year a bit wet. When we woke up Sunday morning, we looked out our cabin window to see that the little foot bridge between us and the Dennys' cabin had been washed out!
There were 9 amazing baptisms held on Sunday afternoon. It is such a pleasure to be able to see people commit to following Christ with all that they are. It was really neat to be able to spend the rest of the week with the majority of those who were baptized, because you could see the changes the Lord was working in them!
On Monday morning, I went to the window and had a vivid image of Noah's ark!
The waters went right up under our cabin- very rarely happens. See the tall bushes behind the trees? Well, that's were the water normally comes when the waters are high!!
Our meeting tent was submerged in water- so much for having meetings there. We ended up going to the church, which was actually a blessing in many ways.
The Dennys, Andersons/LeClercs, Knights and Mini-Dennys had to evacuate their cabins as there was water a foot above the first floor.
It was so unifiying to see everyone working together to get the things out of the cabins. Some would take row-boats and haul things back and forth, while others would load or unload from either end. Rhonda is the woman- if you look closely, you can see her rowing a grill! : )
Marshall attempts to break into the dum-dums. "It's not workin' Tasha!" he proclaims after much toil!
Amanda B taught Pip how to chew grass like the best and boldest of farmers!!
Relay races! Crab-walk- I think Caleb won this one!
Joshua, aka "Grampa," and Marshall.
Melanie gracefully making her way to the finish line during the jellybean relay!
Anna is an old pro at it!
This race entailed holding the balloon between two heads and crossing the finish line. Not as easy as it looks!
I had a little mini-date with Nabby. : )
Sweet Isabelle and her mommy, Aime!
Gabe's future buddy, David. What a smiley guy he was!

I'll be back with the conclusion soon!

The living, the living man, he shall praise You as I do this day;
The father shall make known Your truth to the children.
~ Isaiah 38:19

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