What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photos galore

Due to all of the photos that I've taken over the summer and the fact that I am way too far behind on things to chronicle all of my summer adventures, I've decided that I'm going to do most of them in the form of photo journals. Some I will explain, but for the most part, I'll do photos. So, I hope you enjoy all of the pictures!


Carolj said...

I was so excited that you had posted wedding pictures until I read and looked further. : ( lol

Where are you posting the photos of your summer adventures? I wasn't sure there was a link I missed or you hadn't put them up yet. :D

Amanda said...

Hey Carol! That post was sort of an introduction. I'll be putting up the pictures daily- there are a lot of them! Sorry to disapoint you! But fear not- there will be wedding pics at the end of it all! : )

Josie said...

hahah George is funny

Jolie said...

Oh good! I was hoping you'd post a lot of pictures! We saw some of them on Sunday (Jenna and Angela showed us) but I'm looking forward to seeing the others! :D