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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Fun

WARNING: Post is heavily loaded with photos!!

This year, we started our Christmas season by making matching, Jane Austen-like dresses. It was a lot of hard work, but I fully enjoyed spending time with the lovely young ladies at our church! Above Katie and Shay are modeling their progress! : )

Young ladies, hard at work!

We attempted to go carolling down the road, wind blowing at frightful speeds, frigid cold and numbing limbs!

Some of us turned back for warmth and goodies, while others plodded along.

Emily demonstrates the general opinion of us "party poopers."

I gave my usual Christmas recital- my students did wonderfully and I was very blessed by them all (especially one little boy who showed up in a completely white suit, white shoes, Christmas tie and hair swept across his face like a concert pianist)!

Here is Ebony (my grandparents' daschund) going for MY yummy! At the Moody Family Christmas Party, everyone is invited- human or mammal!

My cousin Renee and I- don't you think she makes a great gift??

My grandparents- opening their "special" gifts. Sorry, only family member will understand these two photos!

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bobby came over from California this Christmas. We love it, because that usually means fun times with them and LOTS of ice cream!

Speaking of that delectable dairy product, a tradition at all Moody gatherings is Uncle Rob's milk shakes- Ethan anxiously awaits them each year and ends up with.....

... a milkshake moustache!!

Evidence of a certain brother-in-law's pre-party tasting. He just wanted to "make sure it was good"! Ha!

My favorite event at Christmas is our church's Christmas Eve service. It just takes us back to the reason we celebrate the season. Each family, if they want, shares something special with the rest of the body. The Bartons, above, sang a lovely song, accompanied by Amanda who had just recently picked up the violin!

The Denny's blessed us with their vocal and instrumental talents and sang "What Child is This." Notice that gorgeous bassist in the background! Hopefully we'll see more of her up there!

In keeping with the unity of our newly constructed dresses, we sang our own arrangement of "One Small Child." It was a lot of fun working on it! The ladies have such sweet voices!

'Siah read a convicting story for us all, reminding us to always have room for the Babe born for us!

The Knights rendered their own version of the Christmas story- adorable!

Jess and Dan sang, "And So this is Christmas"- Jess has a powerful, great voice and Dan just melted one's heart!

And the Wardwells had us clutching our stomaches with laughter at their amazing acting skills! All thanks to Bob Goldfish! ; )

Ethan on Christmas morning with his new gift! It was a nice quiet Christmas.

John-Boy Wardwell made this incredibly cool fort for Ethan out of popsicle sticks- what talent! Ethan LOVES it.

Can you tell they are related? Like father, like son!

I don't particularly care for this photo of me, but Grampa did a pretty good job taking a photo for the first time with a digital camera- our laughing faces are due to his difficulty in figuring it out!

O the joys of bowling! Since Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bobby were here, we decided to take a family trip to the alley- it was great fun! Above Uncle Boo-Boo (i.e. R.D.) is demonstrating perfect form! He and Uncle Rob had a war which was much to our entertainment!

Here, Grampa helps Ethan throw his ball down the lane (it normally went up in the air and dropped down, causing the floor to shake and the ball to roll slowly.. sometimes into the gutter!). He did a pretty good job, though. I love their stances!

Uncle Rob and Josiah, showing us how it's done! : )

Aren't bowling shoes the coolest???

My cousin Kristy- she's such a sweetie!

Renee and "the pink ball." It seemed to be the best one, 'cause even 'Siah used it once and got a strike with it! : )

Here are the "little men" (as Ethan called them) that we sought to flatten!

The Prego- looking at the ball thinking "I wonder if my belly will look like that sometime soon!" ; )

The car decided that it was too cold to start and wanted to be difficult. So, while dad called AAA, Ethan and I decided to have some fun with the camera. The photo above conveys our feelings when the car wouldn't start. Below is how we felt when the tow truck came, wiggled some wires and got it to start! Yay!

Hope you're Christmas was filled with fun and loved-ones!


Newton said...

As always the pics are great! I love bowling shoes. We took the boys bowling this past weekend, they bowled a 75 and 77.

Emmy-Lou said...

Bob Goldfish here (a.k.a.Emmy-Lou) thank you for the compliment. I think it was my best performance yet!Hoping for more soon!

Natasha said...

Aww, caroling wasn't that bad, other than having frozen faces in maby...teens temp! You missed the fun of sliding down the road on ice.