What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

While the Cats Away.....

...... the mice will play!
While Mum and Dad were in Cape Cod for my cousin's wedding, Ethan and I were home alone here in Maine. Thinking it would be a good chance to spend some quality time with my brother, we took advantage of this time together.
Ethan loves a good mock sword fight, so we ran all around the yard with our swords clanging (well, since they were made of wood they more or less knocked), looking like complete goobers with our musketeer moustaches!
I'm not sure what Nana and Grampa must've thought, looking out their windows and seeing their seemingly sane 22 year old granddaughter dressed up like a pirate...... I can only imagine!

I can tell you, Ethan puts up a good fight. I was winded and wiped out after all that swordplay! But boy was it fun!
Thinking that every child should at least once in their life, experience a bowl of spaghetti-o's, I bought a can for E-Man and watched as he ate them....

Much to my disappointment, he didn't like them! I simply couldn't understand. But hey! At least now he can say that he tried them and they aren't all that nutritious, so I guess it's not a great loss.

Ethan loves to be in the woods, so we went over to Leeds and walked the Curtis Homestead trails. These are trails that were blazed around the home and property of the late Governor Curtis, who governed Maine from 1967-1975. Apparently, my Nana Chick says, we are related to him somehow. Too bad he was a Democrat!

Everywhere this little man goes, he must be carrying something weapon-like in his hands!!

O, to have all the time in the world to explore in the woods. Growing up my best friend Erin and I played in the woods for hours upon hours and got lost in our imaginations. Do kids do that anymore? I need to spend more time in the words, come to think of it!

The joys of having a little brother are innumerable! I thank God for this little blessing daily.


Hannah said...

What great pictures! You are such a great big sister to Ethan.
By the way, this has nothing to do with the post, but Dad wanted me to ask you what these "ecstasies" are all about. He says he's very shocked and so now I have to go look up ecstasies in the dictionary.

Amanda said...

Banana Girl- tell your father that I am using the word in relation to times of excitement and intense joy- that's why it's called through doldrums (times of monotony) and ecstasies (times of extreme delight). Assure him that I do not mean the street version of that word!! : )