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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Trip to PA part 3: Train Museum

A day at the Scranton Train Museum (National Park)
For some reason, it took us awhile to actually enter the building. We couldn't seem to find the entrance!!
There was a sign on this table that ENCOURAGED people to touch things and pick them up!
Ethan's handling a piece of coal.
Waiting for a train...
Pretty Jenna Benna!

This was such a neat museum! It had many interactive displays and was so informative. For any history buff it would be very enjoyable!
Can you imagine having to wait near the tracks and carefully signal the trains with an oil lantern- if it was me, it would be flying off into the darkness somewhere!!
Enjoying the displays.

This was my favorite- notice how they've pictured a lady talking on the phone. Appropriate!
Dad learning about trains, of course!
Angela- conductress extraordinaire!
Jenna wants the train to whistle- you'll be there a long time, Ben!
A spy hole! Guess who found it?!

The box car children!
We had a barrel of fun with this one!! (pun INTENDED)
The answer is no. I will never grow up if it means no more goofy photos!

Look what we found!! ; )

This is the front of the train- the firebox. This is what it looks like when they are cleaning it, which was the most dangerous job and not at all coveted. It reminds me of something from Star Wars!
Inside a passenger train!
It is just what I picture a train would look like from an Agatha Christie mystery!

All Aboard!!
Angela in the postal car. As a postman in a train car, you had to be very quick and accurate. The post was hung in bags near the track in each town and was obtained with a long bar with a hook on the end. You only got one chance to get the bag or the mail would have to wait there until the next round!
I love the quote on this poster: The shakespearean version of "catch me if you can"!
Jenna purchasing her tickets to...... you guess!
Look what we found- a Hobo!! 
Apparently hobos had their own written codes that would indicate if there was any food around or if there were police, ect, and they would leave these marks for other hobos along the railroad tracks.
They match!!
Who's that handsome fella??

Ethan in comparison to the engine.

We all had a turn balancing on the tracks- fun, fun, fun!
"We are family..."

On the bridge to the mall- gorgeous day!
Train viewing and studying with Angela and Jenna is a recipe for a super day!!


Jenna said...

hey you got some candid shots!!!!!!! we had a great time. and awwww to your last sentence!!!!

Natasha said...

Looks like you had a good time! I'm so glad you were able to go.

I like the photo of you in the barrel. You are "grown up" you're just a very fun one. Also the photo of you and Jenna at the end is very nice.

Amanda said...

We did have a good time, Benna!

Thanks for your encouragement Tash! : )

The Sergeant said...

haha I think that more people should find out about trains. there is a museum in Bar Harbor. we went there once. along time ago. and saw Don Findler. anyway. you are definatly grown up. but who said you can't have some fun.....
--... ...--

Hannah said...

That looks like a really cool museum! I'm glad you had such a good time!