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Friday, April 2, 2010

Trip to PA part 2: A Sunday Walk

On Sunday, we visited a Reformed Baptist church in the heart of the big city of Scranton (about the size of our Portland). The building was located just in front of the University of Scranton and also down the road from a half way house, so they would often get visitors! The service was nice and the message good. The Pastor preached about overcoming evil with good- which was a re-occuring theme throughout our visit in PA! We met some nice folks and fellowshipped, but it seems we were a little used to our church and ended up being the last people (other than the pastor and another fellow) left!
It was such a nice day out that the Johnsons took us on a lovely walk in the woods!

Beeautiful Angela!
Lovely Jenna.
Standin' on a stump! We're talented. (at this point, Dad and Charlie were way ahead of us and turned around to look.... rolled their eyes and kept going)

They even had a pond- too cool!

Windmills! Also the view from Angela's room!
Mum and Dad

Skipping rocks- on a Sunday, tisk tisk!

...what is this we see...
.. a polywog!! (i.e. a teenage frog)
Jenna was the bravest and fished it out of the water!

And to top it off- a nice swing on the playground! : )


Jenna said...

that was such a fun time! miss you!!!!

john.e.boy said...

Rolled there eyes tut-tut now. Thats not allowed on Sunday.

Jenna said...

haha! which part? the walk, the catching of a polywog(sp?) or the swinging?

Jolie said...

Great pictures! I hadn't seen 'em all. Figures Jenna would be the one to pick up the polywog. ;) If you look at the seventh picture down (on this post) it kinda looks like there's a mini Jenna riding on Angela's back. :)

Jolie said...

Especially if you click on the picture. :)

Amanda said...

Haha! Jolie, you notice the funniest things!! : )

Jenna said...

that she does!

Jolie said...

haha ;)

Hannah said...

I haven't posted anything yet! Thanks for the pictures and everything. It looks like you had a great time!