What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Trip to PA part 1

On the road, again...

A staple for a long car ride? Nemo!

Pennsylvania was filled with mountains- gorgeous!!

Windmill.... Johnsons' house just over the hills!
Ten minutes after arrival: the guys are already playing ball!! ; )
Ethan got the wiffle ball stuck in the tree! Charlie saved the day with a basketball.
TT and her mr. Blueberry Eyes
Ahh...sweet fellowship! This is why we spent hours in the car....
...and it was soooo worth it!


The Sergeant said...

I'm glad that you had a great trip.

Jenna said...

i'm glad you thought it was worth it. we miss you sooooo much already!

Amanda said...

Thanks Samuel! : )
Benna, I miss you soo much too!

Newton said...

I find it humorous that you spent hours in a car sitting and then proceeded to sit out in the driveway! Great humor, thanks!