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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Magdalene Pie Anyone??

This is a story about a group of people who played a normal game of scategories one evening.
All was typical, until we got to the M's with the category of Pies. 
We ladies all wrote down pies such as "minced meat" and "meringue."
But the menfolk.....
First there was Josh's answer: "Monkey Pie"
And if that wasn't funny enough, Dad's answer was,
"Magdalene Pie"

So one summer evening, Ali and I got out the mix'n'chop and created Magdalene Pie.
Here's the man who inspired the recipe!
Everybody seemed to enjoy it! Even the mini-Dennys stopped by for a taste!

Marshall liked Magdalene Pie immensely and washed it down with some milk.
A call later from Ali announced: "We are geniuses!!"
So, just what is Magdalene Pie? Well, it's a secret.......


Samuel Barton said...

You'll have to make it for me sometime!!!

Did I see Chocolate in that pie????

.--. .. . = pie

--... ...--


Josie said...

Mmmm...Magdalene, what a lady what a pie.

I think this should be a secret Chick/Severy family recipe. Never to be given out except after a grueling initiation...

Now the only silly answer that remains is Josh...Monkey Pie??? What was the boy thinking.

Your dad was just a forward thinker - ahead of his time


(that's my favorite word so far...I'm going to start using that)

Jenna said...

you'll have to make it for me too when in december!!!! it looked interesting!

Hannah said...

I want some too please!!!!!!!!!!

kayla said...

mmmmmm IT WAS GOOD

Amanda said...

Well, it looks like I'll have to bring Magdalene Pie to church some Sunday! And I'll have to make a special batch just for Benna!
Ali- I will, from henceforth, keep the recipe for Magdalene Pie a Severy/Chick Secret Recipe, unless one goes through a silly, grueling initiation! Norts back atcha! ; )