What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Visits Part 2

A lovely day at fort Popham!

Ti is ready to do some heavy creating using sand and shovel!

Oops... so this is why we were supposed to keep our feet off the blanket!
Angela writing all of our names in the sand.

Trying to dodge the camera, ay??
She's so photo-jenna-ic (get it??), I don't know why she tries to hide from the camera!
Pip enjoying his lunch

Lovely ladies- inside and out!
Ethan's creation
um, Marshall.... you know you don't have to swim in the sand. There is water about 10 feet away from you! : )

We walked down to the sandbar- a perfect day for it!

Hmmm... green smoothie material??
Apparently Angela's willing to have a go at it!
"Sisters, Sisters.." two pairs of 'em!

Oh yeah, she's ahead of her time in fashion...
Love these ladies!

I try to compete with Kayla's sense of progressive fashion, but alas, I fall short....
The water in between shore and the sandbar was as warm as bathwater!
Mommy and Pip doing some architectural work.
All in all a lovely day, filled with some of my favorite of God's beautiful creation, good fellowship with such close friends. God is far greater to us that we ever deserve!


Jenna said...

Oh we had so much fun! Miss you! won't be too long now...2day! It was a perfect day for the ocean!

Kayla Denny said...

what a blast of a day. hope to keep the tradition going