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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet September Vacation

This September we took our annual vacation at Dunn's Camp.

After Marshall caught some millfoil in his net he said, "Nanny, I make a green smoo-ie?"

Ethan found this wig in our cabin and decided to try it out on us....

A Jenna Angle. : )
After having been attending church in Poland for nearly 8 years, we finally got around to hiking the trails on the grounds of Poland Springs.

The spot of one of the original sources for Poland Spring water.
This beautiful tile was above the fireplace in the museum.

This bathroom contained the original glass walls of the building!
I knew it! Mom somehow has stock in water- that's why she's always pushing it!!

Mushrooms are some of the coolest things ever- I have a new found interest in them!

Aparently, you should never pick up any mushrooms. Some are so poisonous that if you get them on your finger and then somehow the oils/residue reach your mouth, it could be fatal! Let's just say I didn't put my hand anywhere near my mouth for the remainder of our trek.
Evidence of fall.
Where's Capulet's trail, that's what I want to know! ; )
Lovely Mum

A tag-along!

I found a monkey!

Since the trail skirt the Poland Springs Inn and Golf Course, guess what Ethan collected along the way?
Ma Pere

All Soul's Chapel- it reminds me of an old English church.

All I can picture is Jonathan Edwards when I look at this pulpit...

Too cold for a fire outside? Just roast marshmallows in the wood stove!

Ahhhh.... c'est la vie!

The boys pop over for a visit and have fun playing with kitchen utensils! Doesn't take much to entertain them!

Return to your rest, O my soul, for the LORD has dealt bountifully with you.
~ Psalm 116:7

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Jenna said...

ooh love all these pics! sounds and looks like you had a great vaca! love the picture of you standing in from the tree!