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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Mother's Day Adventure

On Sunday Dad asked Mom what she would like to do after church. Normally we have a potluck (or potblessing as our Pastor calls it), but due to Mother's day, it was cancelled. Mom decided she would like to go to the ocean. So we set off. We had to make a few pit stops along the way (Georgio's, a gas station, and somewhere else I can't remember) and we took a slight detour which was actually quite pretty. But we finally arrived at our beloved ocean. Fort Popham is usually our choice of beach. It has a picnic area, it's free, it has a really cool fort that is great for pictures, it's free, and it has a great beach and swimming area. Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's free?
It was a lovely day and the breeze wasn't too strong, but just enough to make it pleasant. There is something so wonderful about the salt sea breeze blowing through your hair- it's almost as if God were breathing on you. I've decided that when I am a rich old lady (which is very improbable) I want to buy a little cottage that sits on an island off the coast of Maine. Dream on girl!
While we were setting up our picnic lunch, mom looked out near the shoreline and spotted a seal! I was soo excited and I had my camera with me- thank goodness for digital zoom! I snapped a few pictures of this guy (i.e. a seal, not a "guy"- just to reassure you!). Upon looking around we discovered a whole group of seals! Kayla counted at least 17 of them. There must have been a lot of fish in that area, because there were cormorants and seagulls gallore as well. We got to see a comorant scarf down a fish- really cool! It was such a blessing. In all my growing up and visiting the Maine coastline time after time each year, I have only ever seen one seal. So this was monumental (well, sort of).
We walked along the coast and Kayla was the first to dare to put her feet in. It was freezing! But not as cold as anticipated. We went to the fort and took lots of pictures there. All in all it was a great Sunday- really a restful day. And being by the mighty ocean only made us ponder more how great our God truly is!

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Newton said...

What a wonderful adventure! Great pictures Amanda. You are very good with that camera of yours.