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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Camp Day 3 Part 1

On Monday we were blessed with a somewhat warm day. Some people went swimming and they decided to pile onto the boat and see if they could carry everyone! They did, but poor John had to row everyone!! I love Tasha's and Katie's faces in this picture- they're a riot!
For our afternoon activities we headed over to a large open, dirt area outside of the green cabin. The perfect place for relay races!! We had sack, three-legged, six-legged and stilt races all according to age. It was a blast. I actually won one of them! Very surprising! Kayla and I did the three-legged race together twice and we won the first one. There was a tie between Sarah and Tasha and Katie and Hannah for the second.
Ethan did a great job during the sac race, but I think Marissa had him beat! Look at how high she's jumping in the above picture!!
I tried the stilts out, but I could barely stay up on them! Kudos to Hannah, Kayla and John who kept on going with them and dared to try for the first time!
Being rather sick of my hair, I decided to tie them in all kinds of little braids- it took a considerable amount of time, but I had some great help doing them! Hannah and Shay put them into two little braids later on during the day. It looked pretty cool, but when I took my hair out the next day... POOF! I wouldn't mind getting a weave, but I think my hair would look atrocious afterward!


Carolj said...

Poof?! I wanna picture!!! lol! I use to do the same thing, tiny braids and then take it out the next day. I don't know that my hair was quite as thick as your though!

Btw, congratulations on winning one of the races! I suppose it belongs to the post below, but, lol, I'm on this page now.

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

Carolj said...


Josie said...

this picture of the hair looks much better. it is quite becoming on you. I like it much more with the bandanna and all braided together. Absolutely smashing.