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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Camp Days 1 & 2

We arrived at camp in the early afternoon on Saturday so that we could unpack all of our things and get settled into our cabin. It was as if we had been there since the last camp. We have a nice cabin, but the walls only go to the point where the roof starts to slant (the walls to divide the rooms that is), so even if you're whispering, you can hear what everyone is saying! It's still a great little cabin!
After we unpacked the Wardwells arrived. Their cabin is right next to us, so for a week we got to be their neighbors- lots of fun! Emily and Hannah came over to say "hello" and they helped Kayla and I arrange the above fruit bowl. It's sideways, but if you look hard enough, you can see the face that we made (he's eating and apple!). We're just goofy!
This picture needs explaining. I told Hannah and Emily that if a certain family in our church didn't come to camp this year I would be "shocked out of my socks." Can you guess whether this family came or not?

On both Saturday and Sunday we had sessions of the Basic Life Seminar. They were very convicting, insightful and thought-provoking. Some other time I'll write about what I've learned. I want to go through all of my notes again and read the scriptures that go with them.

On Sunday, after church, the Bartons and the St. Pierre's came over. We ate so much food that I felt sick and we had tons of chips left over! It was fun to fellowship with them, though. Every family in our church has it's areas of ministry and it's excellent qualities and I them all!

We found out early that we were on a team with the Wardwells for camp (It helps when your sister is going to marry into the family that runs it!), so we were just throwing out names and decided that we'd call ourselves the V.I.P.s, which stands for Very Important Pilgrims (our family camp is called Pilgrim's Rest). That's our original name, but we decided to change the "I" word daily, depending on what the main activities were. The above picture has Kayla, John, Hannah and Emily making "VIP" with their hands.

That evening, after the seminars, we were practicing our verses and we heard this loud noise. Dad looked out our window and saw that there was some sort of car parked outside of our cabin. We shook it off, thinking it was just some silly teenagers. Emily and Hannah were ready to go home and asked me to walk with them, just in case those "teenage boys" were still out there. For protection I took a broom. I know, I know! But hey, if I really needed to hit someone I could've! It ended up being a truck that had been driven into a tree by what we think was a drunk driver. He wasn't in his car and we thought that he had run into the woods somewhere. Josiah K, Pat, Lance and Dad all stayed around to look for him until the police arrived. To my knowledge, they didn't find him, but he never showed his face or made a ruckus after that. That was our big camp adventure!

We went to sleep that night a bit excited and wondering what else would happen during the week at Dunn's!

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Laura said...

Busy Busy!! But it sounds like you had a really good time!