What's in a Name?

Ecstasy (n)- 2. Excessive joy; rapture; a degree of delight that arrests the whole mind; joy may rise to ecstasy. (Websters 1828 Dictionary)
Doldrums (n)- A sate of inactivity or stagnation.(Dictionary.com)

Friday, September 5, 2008

100th Post

Typically, your one hundredth post is supposed to state one hundred things about you. I am not typical, so I'm not going to do that. Instead I'd like to do something a but different.

I'm thankful for....

1. Jesus Christ, Who saved me

2. God's grace

3. the Holy Spirit, Who drew me to God

4. Cheese

5. God's Word, which brings guidance

6. the beautiful ocean breeze

7. wise and loving parents

8. an adorable little brother

9. laughter

10. a house to live in

11. 2 sets of grandparents still living

12. sweet fellowship with other believers

13. Avocados

14. Jane Austen

15. The privilege to vote

16. Well-told stories

17. The best sister I could ask for

18. Older sisters in the Lord, who have passed on jewels of wisdom

19. Younger sisters in the Lord, who bring so much joy to life

20. Godly men, who dare to lead and speak truth

21. Young men, who guard their hearts and eyes and protect their sisters in Christ

22. Hiking in the fresh Maine air

23. Clean water to drink

24. The pleasure of talking to the Creator of the Universe

25. The rich theology of hymns

26. Huskies

27. The technology to preserve memories through photographs

28. People who have a gift with words

29. two legs and two feet to walk with

30. My piano and the gift of lessons that my great-grandmother gave to me

31. The legacy of godly people

32. Volleyball

33. Friends that make me laugh and laugh

34. Young moms who are willing to sacrifice their time to be at home with their kids

35. Creativity

36. Freedom to worship God openly

37. A new brother-in-law who loves my sister, takes care of her and leads her the way Jesus would

38. Music that makes you want to dance

39. Contra dancing

40. Camp fires accompanied by guitar

41. A warm bed to sleep in

42. Bob, my fish

43. Godly marriages

44. Color

45. Eyes to see the colors

46. Mint chocolate

47. A sense of smell for the above item, among others

48. Having been home schooled

49. A mind, to keep on learning

50. God's comfort, when I am sad

51. Memories and making them

52. Puppies

53. Resourceful people

54. Everyone I've been acquainted with and how God used them to mold me or test me

55. Imagination

56. Kayaking on a blue sky day

57. The Allagash

58. The fact that every creature, person and living object God created has His fingerprints on it and points right to Him

59. People who point us in the right direction when we are astray

60. Maps

61. Elderly people who tell us about their childhood and bring us back their in our minds

62. Good books with wholesome characters

63. The Library

64. Museums

65. Herbs

66. Riding my bike to the library or around "the loop"

67. Friends that are close by and friends that are far away

68. Airplanes to take us to the friends who are far away

69. A lesson hard-learned

70. Beautiful artwork

71. Smiles

72. Jesus' example of servanthood and humility

73. God's love

74. People who have the gift of writing music

75. Musicians who can just pick up and instrument and play it

76. Cousins who still love me

77. Gardens filled with color and aroma

78. Vegetables

79. Cool sleeves

80. Interesting people

81. People who have a vision of eternity and care for the lost

82. Anne Shirley (even though she's not real)

83. Followers of Christ who have gone on before us

84. Our founding fathers and their sacrifices for the liberty of us, their posterity

85. Prayer warriors

86. The strength that God gives us to do what is right and the Holy Spirit to convict us

87. Rain to water our gardens and to run around in barefoot

88. A sewing machine

89. Craftsmen (and women) who are able to make things like bookshelves, desks and counter tops from start to finish!

90. The sound of a baby laughing

91. Willing and hard working people

92. Music, in general

93. trips for ice cream

94. A Church family that loves to be together

95. God's words when we need them (which is all the time)

96. Cookouts in the summer and then wiffle ball afterward

97. Family camp

98. Swimming in the lake

99. The way God provides for His people

100. God's mercies being renewed every morning

I could keep going on and on. God is so good and I'm reminded that I need to be thankful all the time and in every situation, even difficult ones, because there is something good that comes out of everything (Romans 8:28-29). I hope you enjoyed reading through this list!


Jenna said...

thank you for the reminder to be thankful in every situation. when people ask what i'm thankful for i usually come out with one or two things and those take a few minutes to think of. Oh by the way does that mean that your gonna have Josiah fly you over to visit some of your friends that live far away. HINT HINT****

Newton said...

You have a fish? I must meet this little guy.

jolie said...

Is there room in Josiah's plane for us? :P

That was a good idea for a post Amanda. :) It reminds you that even the smallest thing (mint chocolate chip ice cream very muchly included) is a blessing. :D

Josie said...

Why does cheese come before God's Word? *grin

Amanda said...

Jenna- it would be very cool if a certain pilot could fly us over to see a certain family that lives far away!!
Jolie- of course, there would be plenty of room in the plane for your family! : )
Lori- you can come meet Bob anytime you wish!
Ali- no way! Did I really do that? *shock. Dismay.*