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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

THE Rehersal

Yes! Finally some pictures of the wedding!! The following are from the rehersal and rehersal dinner. I hope you enjoy them!

Mother of the groom
Mother of the bride

..Here comes the bride..

Ladies in waiting... for the bride
the men

someone was getting a little bored....

The happy couple...well, minus their facial expressions (I put the wrong photo in- I couldn't see what their faces looked like!)
Cute ring bearer and sweet little flower girl (Audrey- a long time family friend)
Crazy maid of honor and best man (Josiah's brother Lance)
Bridesmaid and groomsman (Josiah's siblings Natasha and Lance)
Bridesmaid and groomsman (Josiah's sister Mishayla and cousin Joe)
The parents of the grooom

The yummy yummy dinner
Cindy and her wonderful daughters (below) catered the rehersal dinner and, as always, it was beautifully decorated and scrumptious!Smiles all around, the food must be good!

The grandparents (Bride's above; groom's below)

Deanna (left) did a beautiful job on the piano- she makes the keys sing!

A grateful bride and a satisfied cook!
Don't they just look like they belong together?
The Fletcher family
Joe and his wife Chelsea- she's so amiable!
Jenna Benna- I don't know where Angela was during the pictures!

TT- we miss you!! We need another wedding so that you will all come back up to visit us!!!


Jenna said...

the Wardwells did do an excellent job on making and decorating for the rehearsal dinner!

Angela said...

woops Jenna's name was in there but the comment was from Me angela

Amanda said...

Hey Angela! Are you and Jenna starting a blog? If you are, you better send me the web address or I will be highly offended!!! : )

Newton said...

Great pics lady. I wanted to mention to you that it did not go unnoticed that music from Pride and Prejudice was played before the wedding. We know that you must have chosen that one!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amanda! I miss you too! (When's the wedding?)!!
Love you!

Carolj said...

Awww!!! They are so CUTE together. -happy sigh- Thanks, Amanda for the post.

Anxiously awaiting the rest of the pictures now.... :D OH and I think we're seeing you this weekend?! I sure hope so....

BonnieJ said...

Oh yay! Thanks so much for pictures :D Are we going to see you this weekend?!!! *hopes so*

Jenna said...

manda, those are good pix, did robin take those? the are good, kayla looks so happy, i love the picture of your dad and her looking back. Love u and miss u!