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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life With Puppy

How It All Began
It was a fairly normal Friday. Laundry, cooking and the normal things around the house. I was getting ready for a piano recital that coming Monday, so I was doing a bit of baking and planning and practicing. I was also rather looking forward to the evening, because I was going to Lori and Tyler's to enjoy the long-awaited Spaghetti Western evening that Ali had wanted to do for quite some time.

I headed over to the Smith's early, so I could hang out with them for a bit and play with the boys. Half way through boiling some spaghetti, my mom calls me and says "Your uncle is over here and he wants to talk to you." 
I wait. 
"Hey Kid!" comes my Uncle Boo-Boo's (don't worry, not his real name) voice over the phone. "Hi! How are you?" 
"Doin' good." Pause. "You've got a visitor over here waiting for you. One with four legs."
Panic. O NO! What am I gonna do. I can't have a puppy! I have nothing for it. I haven't prepared. I haven't read up on it.
"Ok... I'll be right over."

On the short drive back home I kept telling myself out loud:
"You're gonna walk in there and say, 'Well, he's awful cute, but I just don't have the time for a puppy right now. I really just want a husky. Not just a dog- a HUSKY.'"

I pulled into the driveway and gritted my teeth. I was going to say "no" very politely and play with the puppy for a few minutes, then head back over to the Smiths' and enjoy the evening.

I walked inside. Stepping slower and slower as I got closer. I opened the door to the kitchen and there, staring up at me with big BEAUTIFUL brown eyes and a white soft coat, was an adorable little puppy.

And, as you can probably guess. That is where this story ends and the new season of my life begins! There is no way you can prepare for it; there isn't much of a way to develop and expectation, but it happened to me. And now it is.... life with puppy!

** I've decided to write weekly about my adventures as a puppy owner. Partially to entertain and encourage others who have dogs or puppies and feel like life has changed. Also partially, to keep reminding myself of the humor in being a pet owner and all of the chances for character development!! ***

Please continue to pray for baby Addie. There is a possibility of her being able to have a living donor, rather than a liver transplant. This would be much better. She is in the hospital right now and they will wait a few more weeks before they find out definites. Thank you for your prayers!

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Hannah said...

And aren't you glad you have her now? =P I am, anyway. I love that puppy of yours. You are a very good writer, by the way.:)