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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Popham Adventure

A day with the Wardwells is always an adventure! So, we decided to take our adventure to fort Popham. To all those who don't know, there are a few extra forts up on the hill near Fort Popham. I'm not sure of their names, but I beleive that they are part of the original first people to set foot in Maine.
We walked up the hill to explore the forts a bit and have some lunch. 
Boys will be boys- here is a montage of the war of the first Popham settlers.

As you can tell, it didn't turn out to well....

John-Boy Wardwell in the tower.
Nettie had to be in on it too! She was just so cute with that little piece of leaf on her nose.
Sooo high...
Princess Emily
A petrified princess Hannah, locked up in a tower... where's that prince when you need him!!
That's a long way down!!
Emily, singing beautifully in the tower- great accoustics.
Thoughtful, lovely Hannah
Oooo look, we found a soldier!
simply me

Big, blue-eyed Stephen!
This was the only means of getting out of that portion of the fort!

Hannah took a lot of pretty photos!

This is my Miss Piggy moment, as Jolie puts it...
After much sweat and a God-given parking spot, we finally made it to the water!

Even Nettie wanted to cool off!
Emily, ever the serving young lady that she is, offered to doggy-sit.
There is nothing like the Maine coast. And I was so thankful to be able to share it with such good friends!


Hannah said...

I am so thankful we could share it with you Amanda! It was a great day. I like the picture of the poor settlers lying on the ground. =P Thanks for taking us!

Jenna said...

sounds like you had fun! great pix!

Jolie said...

Picture #8 looked for a moment like Ethan was holding an out-of-control-cigar :)