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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 12 Traditions of Christmas

Traditions. Everybody has them, whether they are extravagant or ordinary. Some people relish tradition to the point of idolatry, while others flippantly cast it aside like their father's dirty socks. Both outlooks are wrong. Traditions are useful and fun tools that can celebrate godliness, joy, thankfulness and other virtues, but they can also become stale and uninteresting when done without thought or sincerity.  

Christmas is a universally celebrated holiday and with it come the annual festivities of the season. I thought it would be rather fun this year to share some of my favorite traditions, where they originated from and why they are meaningful. So I'll be presenting The Twelve Traditions of Christmas. 
So the real question is: What are some of YOUR favorite traditions??


Hannah said...

Hmmmmm...got to think about that one.
On Christmas Eve, we get to open one present and Dad reads us the Christmas Story from the Bible. Oh, another fun one is the find the pickle that Aunt Dottie does with us. But that's not really a tradition cause we don't do it every year. Actually, we haven't done it for awhile. *sniffle*

Amanda said...

Yay! I'm so glad you shared a tradition with us, Banana! It is such a good thing to hear the Christmas Story read before you break into the gifts and get distracted! I hope you get to look for the pickle this year!

Newton said...

Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve! My favorite part of Christmas!

Jenna said...

my favorite part is the stockings. and getting our tree the day after thanksgiving and leaving it up till a day or two after new years!

Amanda said...

Mine too, Lori! It puts everything into perspective and you get to celebrate with church family! : )
Jenna- the stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning, too! I can see how you guys would enjoy your trees- they are always decorated so beautifully! : )

The Sergeant said...

I Really like the Candle light service. but i'll have to say that getting upside-down French toast on the morning of Christmas is pretty hard to beat. haha
and the Christmas story is always a very good thing.
but the time on Christmas eve when the family's do the presentation is SO special.

anyways that is a few things


Natasha said...

I will only mention one,because it is so unusual.

We have a milk-shake in a bowl on the floor Christmas Eve. We all (used to) get a straw and gather round, but now that we understand the germ effect; we each have our own bowl.

Amanda said...

I love that tradition of yours, Tash! It's soo unique! It's kinda too bad that you all realized the amount of germs passed along... ; )

The Sergeant said...

none of you EVER GOT SICK!