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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Second Tradition of Christmas

My second favorite Christmas tradition is "the hanging of the greens" at our church. We don't call it that at Winterbrook, we simply say, "decorating the church," but the hanging of the greens is an old English custom which most churches participated in and still do today, though we aren't really aware of it.
Thank goodness for tall people like Samuel...
The hanging of the greens is usually done the first Sunday of the advent season. We typically do it on another day, but within the first week of the advent season. 
...although he did need a few chairs and a couple of men to steady them!
Evergreens are a symbol of life- eternal life- because these trees and shrubs do not shed their leaves every year. They continue on and on. 
Tash and Hannah use their combine creativity to trim up the tree!

Even the two youngest members of our church participated in this fun event!

Emily exercises her decorating savvy and the results are lovely!

Haley, Audrey and Shay look on as something funny happens!

Time out for the Aunties!

Ethan and Hayden add a little of their own... pizaz to our tree.
We encourage expression through the arts at Winterbrook Fellowship 
(no matter how... "progressive" it looks)
I enjoy this tradition because it is a time to get together with my church family and exercise our creativity, as well as start the celebration of the Savior's birth with them!

Do you have a "hanging of the greens" at your place of worship?


The Sergeant said...

HAHA, that picture was funny.
ya that is a lot of fun, and its always different.


Hannah said...

The church looks lovely after it's done. Not that it doesn't usually, but you know what I mean.