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Friday, December 4, 2009

The First Tradition of Christmas

The first Christmas tradition that I enjoy is Black Friday shopping! For people who know me, that may come as a surprise, since I'm not big on shopping in general (unless it has to do with books or cheese). But Black Friday is a little different!

Emmy-Lou looking quite lovely in the wee hours of the day

For those who don't already know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where most people commence their Christmas shopping. The name originated in the late eighteen hundreds during a stock market crash and in the 1960's was used to refer to the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping. It was primarily used on the East coast by the police who bemoaned the horrid and crowded traffic caused by the shoppers.

The first stop of the day: Kohls. Em and Shay are eager to begin!

Each year, millions of Americans wake up as early as 2 am, hop in their cars in the dark and enter into the morning madness. My friend Ruthie goes every year with her Aunt and they get up that early- she is a dedicated shopper and is always finding great deals!

Tash and Kayla during our last stop of the day.

This year, I went with my sister and a few friends. It's not so much the shopping that I enjoy or even the sales (although they are great), but it's the festivity, the friends you get to spend time with and the gifts that you are able to get for loved ones.
Banana enjoying a pretty pink chair after being on her feet all day!

Not to mention that you're practicing frugality by purchasing things, that you were going to get anyway, on sale.

Dreaming sweet dreams in Staples.™
Our faithful driver!

Our tired crew!
So, how many of YOU partake in Black Friday madness and why?


Hannah said...

That was cool Amanda! Thanks for the history lesson. Thanks for taking us shopping too. It was really fun...despite the getting less than 4 hours of sleep part.

Emilu said...

Thank you for taking us shopping but really that second pic makes me look like i have a double chin! Aaahh!

Amanda said...

I loved taking you shopping! You were so much fun! : )