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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmastime Festivities

We had an early, Thanksgiving snow this year- Marshall forgot to put away his tractor!
The cookie-consuming table at the Shivelys
(Tiersa-R, Ethan and Jo-Jo-L)
Jo-Jo got a little ambitious with the sprinkles!!
Brielle making gingerbread snowmen...
... and taking a self-portrait. My, is she talented! : )
The Bartons' scrumptious peanut butter blossoms.

Sweet Amanda helping Jo-Jo decorate the cookies.
Lovely Ruthie hard at work!
Nabby on her first Christmas caroling adventure!
Judah- SO cute!
Titus could barely move in his snow outfit- everytime he bent over to get something, he couldn't get back up again!!! haha!
Ruthie looking very natural holding miss Abigail Rose.
Emmy-Lou in the process of decapitating a snowman....
Part of our caroling crew!
No caption necessary... oh,wait, I just created one.... ooops!
"God bless us, every one."
Making cookies with Pip and Ti
More dough was consumed than cookies created...
Marshall's creation

We'll just call these "artsy" sugar cookies!
I do hope you all have enjoyed your various Christmas festivities and traditions this year!

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Josie said...

Are those cookies pre-bitten before baking? If so...I want some...