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Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Fall Trip: Mount Vernon

History is so interesting! I enjoy reading history and watching historical movies, listening to people tell stories about their experiences in the past and how different events shaped the life they they lead now. This being said, it was such a delight to visit our First President's estate, Mount Vernon, in Virginia.

Do you think Ethan will be as tall as Mr. President?
Mom and Dad on the front veranda of Mount Vernon.
It boasts a beautiful view of the Potomac River.
Ethan and I at the back of Mount Vernon- in our day, it would've been considered the front as it's the side with the "driveway".
This would be considered the front of the mansion- the side facing the river.
Huge tree!! Probably older than Washington himself!
Ethan racing to win the hay maze!
This was Washington's sixteen-sided barn. It acted as a sort of wheat grinder as he strapped his plow horses in and then walked around and around until the wheat was ground.

Isn't it a gorgeous house? We were able to tour the inside, but not able to take any photos. : ( I guess you'll have to visit it yourself to see!
I can't remember the number, but in Washington's day, they caught hundreds and hundreds of fish in the river! He had a booming home economy!
Lady Martha Washington. This lady was impersonating Mrs. Washington and she did such a nice job that we could've just sat there and listened to her sing-song story voice all day! I do remember her saying one thing:
"My mother always taught me never to hurry. A young lady ought never to be hurrying here or there, for it implies that she had been doing something she ought not to have."
Washington was a pioneering farmer- he was innovative and hard working, but loved farming. It was his main hobby.
Although our first President had many, many slaves, he was not a harsh master. And in his will he freed his slaves upon his death, but also made provision for them to stay on and work the farm as paid servants, if they so chose.
The tomb of George Washington
While we were standing outside the tomb, watching a service be performed, Ethan starts giggling, making all kinds of noise and fidgeting. I looked down at him to see him point to his shirt and say "a bird pooped on me!" Haha and ewww! We had to go wash it off. A little while later, still listening to the service, I felt something drop on my head and panicked!! Thankfully, it was just a leaf or nut of some sort. The man standing next to me thought it was rather entertaining....
The gardens at Mount Vernon are beautiful- something you'd think to see in England. He was in favor of using live fencing for his estate- that means he cultivated trees and shrubs to act as a fence for things- I'm sure he had to tie them certain ways to get them to grown in that manner.
There is much to be admired about the character of our first president: humble, hard working, persevering, giving to a fault.... the list could go on! I'd recommend a study of him for yourself!
Two tuckered men!
Thank you Lord, for Presidents like George Washington, for the chance to visit Mount Vernon and enjoy the beauty of Your creation!

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