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Saturday, May 26, 2012

March Recap

At the beginning of March, we had a snowstorm and one of our Cast B performances was cancelled, but then days later, the snow melted! 
Cute Henry and his mustachio!
Cast A stars- Charlotte and Corrie, looking so beautiful in those fabulous colors! (Corrie, I'm trying not to be jealous that you can look beautiful in orange!!)
Gracie holding Malachi- she looks a bit like a lost boy here. She's such a sweet and gentle gal!
Watching Papa snow blow.
On top of and Ethan-roll-up!
Stealing from Mr. Potato head!
Cute and bundled up Gabe!
Look at that charisma! Watch out for that one! ; )
Playing in the snow!

Guess what Ti's watching again??
Ethan and I were able to get out our nature journals on one of the nice days!
Two boys in a pot!

"Why yes, I do seem to have facial ice-cream!"
Gabe-ah growing.

Experiment: pin curls
Conclusion: I don't think so....
Caleb, taking advantage of the great weather!
It was so hot on this day in March that it broke records and Ethan created his own way to cool down!

Titus' Mr. Potato head creations

As I've said before, life with boys- I love it!
A glimpse of Lori's beautiful Farmhouse kitchen!
Mr. Happy Matthias!
Andrew's goofy face! : )

I hope you enjoyed our Maine up and down March!

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Hannah said...

Great pics Amanda!!!