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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recap of January 2012

Marshall, being his own doctor!
 Since I haven't had much time lately and haven't really posted in a while, I decided I just do about 5 months worth of recaps in photo with short captions! So, here goes a photo recap of January!
Titus' expression pretty much every time, the whole time, he watched The Donut Man
 Josiah, Kayla and the boys stayed with us for a couple weeks while their apartment got cleaned out- mold issues! It was an immense blessing to have them for that time. I absolutely loved every minute of it.
 Sweet, smiley Gabe-ah!
 Brielle- attempting to hold Gabe.
 We were so blessed to have the Mellos come up for a visit!
(L-R Em, Amanda, Tabitha and Stephanie)
 Titus, aparently missed his mouth...
 Jenna Benna holding Gabe. : )
 Much Ado Rehearsal- "milksobs!!"
 Ethan and Hayden's treasure!
 Monday nights, our neighbor Jeanette comes over and teaches our family the Irish Jig- o so fun!
 Snugglin' with Nabby. : )
 Warrior, musician and all-around great guy, John-boy!
 Haha! Caught you in the act, Happy!
 Nabby- really enjoyed her squash (or carrots)!
 Banana taking Marshall and Anna down the hill!
 Emmy-Lou, picking out the big rocks along the trail- really hurts when you slide over them!
 Gabe and Nanny
 Titus- he reminds me of the guy from up (Mr. Ferguson, when he's little, with his goggles)
 Pip, attempting to do his crunches.... Winnie-the-Pooh style! ; )
 Nice bling, E!
 My boys. Love them!

And to start this January out, we had a loverly visit with our dearest family-away-from-home, the Johnsons!
Hope you all enjoyed it! How was YOUR January?

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