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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amanda's Guide to Fort Touring

Whilst exploring Fort Knox this past Labor Day weekend, our family learned the best way to visit such places.

#1- Always bring a couple of strong men, armed with weaponry, in the event of meeting an enemy.

#2- Make sure that these men are willing to do dangerous things.

#3- Make sure these men are willing to enter dangerous and dark places.

#4- Don't get put in jail!

#5- Bring a camera with a high flash, in order to entertain yourself and distract your mind from aforesaid dangerous and dark places!

# 6- Bring with you an attitude and desire for adventure- you just might find yourself in the middle of one!

#7- Don't read any novels about scary, fort monsters on your drive over. Especially if they lurk in dark, narrow halls.
#8- Make sure you bring a stool or are very tall, so you can see out the windows.

#9- Bring an electric torch, otherwise you won't see a thing (and will have to buy an expensive one in the gift shop)!

#10- Work on your sharp shooting to be prepared to "get the enemy."

#11- Brush up on your war ballads and your marching skills. Singing whilst marching up the stairs is a must!

#12- Be ready for anything!
#13- Be on the lookout for people dressed like tourists (Hawaiian shirts) who are carrying fatal objects. As The Far Side comic says, this is nature's way of saying "Keep Away"!

#14- Due to the lack of trees, use the modern day version of Zaccheus' sycamore- the binoculars- to see past people's heads and up and around the fort.

#15- Be willing to make a fool of yourself by parading around the fort with a rifle- even if you are over 20!

Take my advice, if you'd like or not, but CERTAINLY go visit this beautifully preserved fort in Prospect, Maine.


Jenna said...

manda, love how put that. I'll defiantly have to remember those tips if i ever get daring enough to go in the deep dark tunnels.

Becca said...

What an amazing way to show your trip to Fort Knox. Thanks for sharing!

Newton said...

that was terrific. I was wondering what was up with your father stabbing your mom in the shadow picture. But now I know, at least I know why he had a sword.

Angela said...

I love that shadow picture of the 4 of you.

Tash said...

Hi Manda,Your ssooooooo BRAVE!!
And thank's for telling me to watch out for your dad!! Ha Ha!!!