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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Annual Move

Hello Everyone!

Just like last year, on Thanksgiving Day, we are moving again. Although, this time we'll be moving to the next town over, albeit only 2.6 miles away. I'm thankful that the Lord provided this new house for us and I'm looking forward to all of the new ministry opportunities we will have there. We were raking leaves last week and the lady across the street came over to introduce herself and we later met her husband. She was a sweet, older lady and I am looking forward to visiting with her. Also, while raking, a man drove by and then turned around and drove in the driveway. He asked if we were buying the house, congratulated us and then confessed that his dog went to the bathroom on our fence.... so he later brought him, Brady is the dog's name, over to meet us. Very friendly neighborhood.

We have also experienced a bit of wildlife excitement in our new abode. We walked in on Friday afternoon to do a bit of cleaning and Ethan walked into what will be mom and dad's room. He called us an and there, on the floor was a dead hawk, surrounded by shattered glass from the window in the bedroom. It must have been flying extremely hard and hit the glass at just the right angle, because it broke through two layers!! Incredible. Then, on Saturday, dad was checking out our Mt. Kilimanjaro leaf pile and he noticed a dead doe. Apparently she must have been trying to jump the fence behind our house and broke her neck. The sad part is that she was pregnant. : ( I hope those are all the dead animals that we'll find in our new residence, because I'm not too fond of deceased creatures. It makes one depressed.

All that said, I'll try to post some photos when we get all settled in. I've scheduled a few posts, but we won't be having Internet access from Turkey Day til Tuesday. So I hope you have a great thanksgiving and enjoy all the things God has blessed you with!

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angela said...

Did you have people carry the swing set all the way to your new house :)? I hope you all enjoy your new house!