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Monday, November 24, 2008

Observing the Penobscot Narrows

Our friends, the Wardwells, told us about this incredible observatory tower that they visited and Dad decided that it would be fun for us to make a trip there as well. So on Labor Day, we ventured out to Prospect and the Penobscot River region.

It really is an amazing bridge and tower. Here are some cool facts about it:
It is the first and only cable-stay bridge in Maine.

It's the only bridge with an Observatory tower in North and South America.

It is one of only three such bridges in the entire world (the other two are in Thailand and Slovakia).
In the background of this picture is the old bridge that was replaced with the cable-stay bridge.

331 miles of epoxy-covered strands make up the cables (roughly the distance from Portland to Fort Kent).

An innovative nitrogen gas protection and monitoring system eliminates the effects of moisture or other potentially corrosive elements on the cables.

There is enough concrete in the foundations to fill a football field 19 feet high.

Sorry about this photo- I had it all turned the right way in the folder, but somehow it came out this way!

Total weight of the reinforcing steel rods in the bridge piers and towers is 1.02 million pounds.

It took 373,000 hours of labor to complete the bridge.
Total bridge weight is about 10,500 African Elephants (roughly 126 million pounds)!

The observatory sits 42 stories above the river.
The observatory elevator is the tallest and fastest in the state of Maine.


The first thing the observatory worker said to us was, "Now, when you step out of the elevator, you'll feel the urge to look down. Don't!" If that's not enough to scare someone who's got a slight fear of heights......

If you're ever able to visit Maine or if you live in Maine and haven't seen all the sites- this is one I'd definitely recommend!


Hannah said...

Great pictures Manda! How did you find out all the cool facts?

Laura said...

How do you know all these cool places to visit?

You should compile a list of must-see places in Maine!

Amanda said...

Thanks Hannah- I kept the brochure from the tower and then just typed in the facts I found interesting!
That would be a lot of fun, thanks for the idea, Laura! : )

jolie said...

That's pretty cool that it's one of only three in the world....

sooo....did you look down anyways? :)

Natasha said...

I don't know if I would want to visit the place, you look scared!
No, realy it look's like alot of fun!

Is that how you came to be so smart, reading? Tell me not to be so sarcastic!