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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mansfield Park

I cannot think well of a man who sports with any woman's feelings; and there may often be a great deal more suffered than a stander-by can judge of.

~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park is the story of an impoverished girl who is sent to the home of her wealthy aunt where she spends her childhood and young womanhood. Fanny Price is a quiet, loyal girl who is dedicated to serving those she loves. Her elder cousin Edmund holds special affection. Their simple, joyful lives are interrupted when the Crawfords come to stay near their home, Mansfield Park. Mary Crawford is forward and beautiful and instantly attracts Edmunds attention and vise versa. Her brother, Henry, is charming and seeks to gain the attentions of Edmunds sisters (one of which is engaged to be married). In case you couldn't tell, he's the cad. Jane Austen almost always has a cad in her books. The great thing is that she lets you know which characters not to root for and they always have horrible character traits! Anyway, Fanny is overshadowed and even tested in her love for Edmund, but in the end it's the usual "happily ever after" that everyone secretly wants, even if they won't admit it!

Fanny is my favorite Jane Austen character. She is sweet, gentle, selflessly serves her aunts, endures taunts and demeaning words by another aunt, but never reviles. She shines with purity and innocent love. The adaptation was my favorite so far! The two other versions I've seen of this movie aren't anything to talk about (one of them is scandalous!). I'm very much looking forward to the next couple of adaptations!


Mel's World said...

Hey Amanda,

I just wanted to pop over to say THANKS for stopping by and registering for the Mel's World Give Away.

When I got here I was shocked and excited to see that you too were an Austen fan. I just watched Mansfield Park on Monday and would have to agree that this was BY FAR the BEST adaptation out.

Did you happen to notice last week in NorthAnger Abbey (or was it Jane Erye) that the actors that played Admund and Fanny in one of the BBC versions of Mansfield Park were now playing characters in NorthAnger Abbey? I was like...oh my goodness...that's that's...

Sorry to ramble, just was excited to see another Austen fan.

Take Care,

The Downtown Boutique said...

I too am a Jane Austen fan. We watched Northanger Abbey not too long ago, and I decided it must have been an odd and possibly dark period during Jane's life, as it doesn't quite fit what I know of her other books (that have been adapted into movies).

I can't wait to see Mansfield Park. Even my hubby and 14 year old son watch these with me! I'm truly blessed!

Take care,

Amanda said...

Glad to hear of another Jane Austen fan! I noticed that the BBC Edmund and Fanny were in a couple of the adaptations too! My sister and I had the same reaction. Actually, if you've seen amazing grace, the two of them play a married couple who are cousins of William Wilberforce! It always make me wonder what they think when the work with the same people more than once!
Thanks so much for commenting! It brightens my day!

I think you will enjoy Mansfield Park! When you've watched it, pop over here again (if you have time) and let me know what you think of it! That is so neat that your husband AND your 14 year old son (wow!) watch with you! I don't know many men who are Jane Austen fans.
Thank you, as well, for posting a comment for me. It is a blessing!