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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family Camp Days 6 & 7

On Thursday some of us had a volley ball tutoring (we called it a clinic) by Rhonda, whilst others participated in the fishing derby. Fishing is fine, especially on a quiet day with a good book to read while you wait, but alas, I lack a pole and I needed very badly to learn how to play volley ball. You see, our church plays volley ball a lot and I think it would be good to actually know how to hit the ball, rather than just wack it to protect my face! Rhonda was a great teacher and I learned a lot! Although, I haven't been able to practice once since camp. Bummer.

That evening we had a campfire near our cabin. It was so nice. Campfires are delightful. The Smiths always have fun bon-fires, but I haven't been able to make it to one yet this year. Maybe another one Lori... hint, hint! At our campfire we roasted marshmallows, made s'mores, swatted mosquitoes, took goofy pictures and sang songs. Pat played his old trusty gee-tar while we sang our usual songs, like "Big House" and worship songs. Josiah sang "Wicked Sharp" to Kayla (great song- all about Maine love... hehe) and then George dedicated a song to them entitled "Sippin' Cider." It was slightly shocking, but very funny!
On Friday we had our actual volley ball game, which was lots of fun. I don't remember who won or such like, but I remember doing plenty of falling on the ground (that's me) and laughing. After the big game was done some of us girls played against three of the guys and they had to use their heads and legs and weren't allowed to use their hands. We were. We lost. But it was a rip-roaring good time, despite. (Good for the guys' ego too)
After the volley ball game George invited some of us to a fierce game of Scrabble. He won considerably, but Josiah K, Emily and I didn't do to bad either. It was good for the brain!
In the evening, awards were given out (of the chocolate kind. Yum!) and we were told the winner of the week....... The Den of Knights! Kudos to them! They worked super hard to memorize verses and Sarah was an excellent drill Sargent (I think she was called the Memory verse Nazi)! We VIPs didn't lose by to much. We weren't the very insensitive pilgrims, but tried to be the very illustrious pilgrims (not exactly the word to use, but you know what I mean to say, I hope!). After that we all got out our cameras and viewed a slide show of the week, complete with musical accompaniment!
Camp was such a blessing to our family this year and I pray that it will continue to bless those that attend in the future! God is good!
*I hope you've enjoyed this journaling of my camp experience. If it's bored you, I'm terribly sorry, but now it's over, so you can jump and cheer!*


Jolie said...

I enjoyed your camp-experience-journaling! You made me chuckle so many times with your different stories...especially when you were running through the woods chuckling to yourself and ran into a branch...funny! :D

Laura said...

wow now THAT certainly sounds like fun camp!

Amanda said...

Thanks for reading my journals Jolie and Laura! I've enjoyed your comments extremely!